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У нашего софта есть подробная инструкция (документация).

Найти её можно здесь.


Чат клиентов



Вы можете оплатить весь софт, либо отдельные модули.

По запросу предоставим цены на месяц.



English version

What is this software?

This software has a number of unique functions to work with Telegram. All of them are thoroughly designed and are constantly getting updates. You will find the description of each of them below.


This is a video demonstration of one of the modules we have: Chats cloner.

Chats cloner

This module will clone all the messages from a given chat to your chat in real time. It also copies all the original users' data (names, usernames, profile pictures, bio etc.). Therefore, it can be used to imitate real users activity. Choose one or several chats that best match your audience interests, start the software, and enjoy :)

Bulk members adding (Invitng)

This module allows to add members to your chats. You can scrape members from other groups, use phone numbers or usernames.

You can add members to several chats simultaneously

Use a wide range of settings:

Maximum number of chats to invite to simultaneously.
Maximum number of users to be added per chat.
Maximum number of accounts working in each chat simultaneously.
Delay between memebrs adding.

Private messages sending

The module allows sending bulk messages to users. Like all our modules, this one can work with many accounts simultaneously, which helps to send hundreds of messages in a few minutes.

Tdata accounts converter

Got some tdata accounts? This module will convert them to the format appropriate for the software (session + json files).

0% chance of account getting banned.
Easy to setup.
Lightning fast. The conversion speed is 50 accounts per second.

Other modules

We also have a few other modules to help the general work with accounts.

Accounts health check.
Groups members scraping. You can set different filters of your choice, e.g. when the user was last online.

How to try the software for free?

Please message us using the contacts below. Everyone is eligible for a free test.


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